March 22nd Job Fair at Fox Theatre

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you ready to join us? We are a little more than a month out right now for the first Atlanta job fair this year brought to you by Atlanta Employment Guide. This event we will be held at the most wonderful Fox Theatre. If you have never been inside this place, which I have not, then come and join us, March 22nd. Companies present will be looking to hire, you may even be one of the few and lucky to interview on the spot and land a job...wouldn't that be awesome? So, tell me why you wouldn't want that to happen for you if you are in route of a new job or career.

WiserWorker and AARP are both teaming up to help make a success. The crowd that is expected to be present will not just be the younger generation, but for the elderly too. AARP will be there to help people that are ages 50+  by delivering valuable information, advocacy and service.  Those that have been working all their life and trying to find another job, this is the place to be. Are you one of those that needs help using the computer to search for jobs? Help putting together a resume? Did you answer 'yes'? If you did then do not miss out on this open invitation. Young and elderly, this is a public event, please come professionally dressed with your resumes in hand.

Employers/Recruiters if you are interested in attending and/or like a booth for this event you should go and register.  Keep in mind that if you sign up by February 28th you will receive 10% off...hurry the 28th is coming up quickly, next week! Wanting to attend more than one event? That is not a problem, here is a list of dates for the job fair in Atlanta.

Reaching out to the community and helping better the economy....Let Us Be Your Guide!

-Khon Phaxai


Job Snippets

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have you been keeping up with the market lately? All the changes that are/have been occuring? The Employment Guide took on changes too. If you have been picking up the publication every week for the last few months, have you noticed the Job Snippets? This week (February 8-14,2010), you can find over 100 job openings! What does that mean for you? And how does Snippets work?

Well, exclusive to the Employment Guide the Job Snippets gives you less reading. That's right you don't have to sit and read all the verbiage that goes with a job if it doesn't pretain to your needs. Job Snippets gives you the Job Title and a Job ID number. Upon gathering that information you then can go to and located on the home page on the right hand side you will see....

Enter the information for the job and with the click of your mouse the description will follow. It's just that simple! Don't think that it is just some mumbo jumbo that has no use, while in fact it could pretain to your certain need. Try it out for yourself, its simple! -Khon Phaxai

Let Us Be Your Guide


2010 Metro Atlanta Job Fairs

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It’s that time of the year again and we are to ready to kickoff this year with wonderful events. Are you ready? Don’t let the market get you down and running, when we have job fairs…there are jobs!

The Employment Guide is kicking off this year’s first Atlanta Job Fair with AARP and WiserWorker located at The Fox Theatre, Monday, March 22nd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This event is open to the public and jobseekers of all age range. Come prepared with numerous resumes to hand out and dressed to find a job, there are on-site interviews!

Employers we know you are looking to fill positions, so quit wasting time and reserve booth space, make sure that you sign up by February 28th and receive 10% off!!

Let Us Be Your Guide, and WE become their Guide!



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